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SP Treatments. The Options

The groundbreaking new SP Hair Alchemy Treatment revolutionises our in-salon treatments by taking personalised haircare to a new level. However there may be times when your stylist recommends an alternative SP Intensive Treatment to best meet your hair needs.

The SP Hair Alchemy Treatment

A dual benefit treatment personalised to for you.

Wella SP Hair Alchemy Treatment

How Does It Work?
Your hair stylist will mix the appropriate SP infusion and Mask combination to create a treatment unique to your hair needs and desires.

Key Products:
SP Infusions and SP Masks

Unrivaled hair perfection with two different benefits.

Treatment Example:
Shine and repair treatment using the repair infusion will add up to 60% extra repair than a shine treatment alone.

– Shampoo and massage
– Your bespoke mix of SP Mask and Infusion by your stylist
– Hair Alchemy Treatment Massage
– Treatment rinsed off
– See and feel the dual benefit

The SP Intensive Treatment

A ONE benefit treatment for use when you have a versy significant primary haircare need OR need a specific after colour or perm sealing treatment.

The Wella SP Intensive TreatmentHow Does It Work?
Your hair stylist will use an SP Mask or Emulsion to deliver your primary haircare need.

Key Products:
SP Emulsions

One hair problem solved with a targeted treatment.

Treatment Example:
Post Color Save Treatment using the Color Save Emulsion will seal the colour pigment and return hair to its pre-colour condition.

Treatment Steps

– Shampoo
– Intensive treatment applied to specific area of the hair/scalp as required.
– Treatment rinsed off
– Feel and notice the result!

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