Here at Rhona McCallum we are always on the look out for the latest and greatest products for our clients!

Goodbye frizz, hello smooth!  With Kebelo Advantage Smoothing System you will get 100 days of frizz-free, easy to manage, healthy, shiny, smooth hair.

The Kebelo system takes 3 simple steps; cleanse, treat and maintain.  It only takes 1 hour to achieve perfect hair that lasts for 100 days, and you can have your hair coloured straight after.

 This unique foundation treatment lets you loose the frizz whilst maintaining the bounce and volume, giving you even more styling freedom and an unbelievably healthy shine!

Prices start from;

£99 for short hair

£135 for medium hair

£175 for long hair

£50 worth of aftercare products are included in the price