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Perfect Brow Bar Threading at Rhona McCallum

Threading at Rhona’s ‘Perfect Brow Bar’

Threading Facial Hair RemovalWhat Is Threading

Threading is an ancient Indian method of facial hair removal. It is done with a piece of cotton thread. By knotting the thread and creating a trap, hairs are removed from the roots or closet to the roots.

How Long Does It Last?

If threading is new to client we recommend every 2 weeks for the first few weeks as hair may start to appear this is due to the hair growth cycle.

After a few times of threading you will start to get longer out of threading achieving 3-4 weeks between appointments before hair will start to reappear.


Eyebrows £5.00
Upper & Lower Lip £5.00
Chin £3.00
Sides £5.00
Neck £5.00
Full Face £18.00


If you have never tried threading before, and wish further information, do come into the Salon for a consultation or telephone us on 01259 217321 to book an appointment with one of our talented staff.