Rhona’s Tip #1 How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Rhona McCallum Tip on How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Thought I’d start of by giving you some tips on blow drying your own hair!

What you will need:-

Tips on How To Blow Dry Your Hair

Air ghd hair dryer
ghd bristle brush size 4′
2 large section clips
Wella SP Perfect Hair
Wella SP Delicate Volume
(which is on offer at the moment)
Wella SP satin polish.

Whatever length you have, always give your hair a good towel dry to get rid of the water in the hair.

How to do a perfect blow dry on fine hair!

To get maximum volume into your hair, lets use Wella SP delicate volume.

About 4 pumps of this evenly over average length hair.

Also, to give your hair a double boost, you’re going to apply Wella SP perfect hair again approximately 4 pumps onto your hands and put evenly through your hair. This will strengthen and protect the fine hair.

1. Start at the back, section your hair into 2 section using clips.
2. Using the bristle brush either turn under or flick out.
3. Working up the back of your hair and then do the sides and meet at the top.
4. At the front, just turn all under working up to the crown.

There – Done!

Now take your fingers open wide and run them through your hair shaping into place.
You can finish with a little satin polish rubbed through your fingers on to your hair.

There you’re now ready to go.

All of the products mentioned, we use in the salon on a daily basis and are for sale in our retail area.

Air ghd dryer £99.00
ghd Bristle Brush size 4 £17.50
Wella SP Delicate Volume £14.50
Wella SP Perfect Hair £20.25
Wella SP Satin Polish £12.50

With using a cocktail of layering the 2 styling products together will give you up to 70% more volume, until you shampoo again. Giving you volume and body all day long.

Remember repeat again the next morning so your hair will always look its very best.

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