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Rhona McCallum Hair

Blog | Let’s Talk about Curly Hair

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair, we’re here to help you embrace your curls with the correct haircuts for curly hair. We will teach you how to care for your new curls in between visits to our salon with the right tools and aftercare products.

Perfect Curls

Is your curls feeling dry and wild?

First, make sure you are using the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair, remember curly hair needs moisture, don’t be afraid of overloading with conditioners masks & oils to make the curls more manageable and bouncy.

Use a diffuser and a curl building serum to scrunch your hair dry.

We recommend:

System Professional – Smoothen Range

Davines – Styling Range

Perfectly Straight

Is your hair difficult to blow-dry smooth? 

Is it frizzy, dry & damaged?

A Kerastraight smoothing treatment could be your answer.

It’ll make your hair feel healthier, glossier and easier to manage.

Making your hair feel young again.

We’d recommend a Kerastraight treatment once every 3-4 months 

Plus you’ll get to take home a full size sulphate free Keraststraight shampoo & conditioner to care for your treatment at home. 

The Perfect Perm

The perm is definitely making a come back for Summer 21. After lockdown our clients are looking for an easier option to styling their hair.

Soft body perms for our mature clients have been very popular. 

Easy to look after, giving the hair all over body and volume if your hair is fine, limp or flat.

Clients with longer hair but are looking for a change. They are opting for the curlier, spiral look. Which is easy to look after if they have an active lifestyle and desire a low commitment and easy style. 

Most perms should last between 10-12 months with regular 6 weekly trims & treatment.

Our Top 5 Curly Tips

• Try washing your hair with conditioner, this is called a co-wash. It’ll moisturise your hair more, giving it the hydration it needs.

• Always comb your hair in the shower when wet with conditioner this’ll remove your tugs.

• Never comb when dry, that’s when it’ll go frizzy.

• Let your hair air dry if possible, then diffuse your hair with a diffuser attachment on your hairdryer.

• After conditioning, try wrapping your hair up in a cotton T-shirt, leave it overnight or until dry. You’ll be amazed at your curls. We recommend a Big Daddy T-Shirt.

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