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Embrace your grey hair

Rhona McCallum Hair

Embrace Your Grey Hair

Over the past 18 months or so we have witnessed clients embracing their naturally grey hair. It’s hardly surprising considering salons were locked down and home colouring can be fraught with difficulties, lots of people decided to grow out their existing colour whilst they were staying indoors.

Many of you have decided to go ‘natural’ because it’s very low commitment, however, as we all know, sometimes natural grey hair can be ageing, dull looking and can appear to have a yellowish cast to it.

Up until now, products to enhance natural silver or white hair have been few and far between, with short lived effects and results. 

Great news, Wella, our preferred colour house, have just launched Silver Glow by True Grey, a new range of specific in-salon hair treatments that allows us to create silver shades like never before. 

This salon exclusive service is perfect for anyone wanting to enhance their natural greying hair with minimal commitment. With 7 stunning shades from ‘Pearl Mist’ to ‘Steel Glow’ and with differing depths available there really is a tone ideal for everyone. 

Your home-care regime will need some fine tuning, we recommend System Professional or Davines to enhance and maintain your new found silvery glow, but we can talk to you more specifically when you are sat in your chair here at Rhona McCallum.

Rhona and the team are thrilled with the results they are seeing from this truly unique service because True Grey doesn’t colour or cover over your natural grey, but rather it creates a veil over it that gives a soft-focus, silvery sheen, and the great news is, it also fades away gently leaving no residue in your hair.

If you would like further information about True Grey, speak to your stylist who will be more than happy to share more details with you.

#EmbraceTheGrey #BeTrueToYou  

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