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Rhona McCallum Hair

Rhona Recommends: Hair Trends 2022

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair, it’s important that we all understand future trends so that the services we offer; cuts, colours, curls and styling are all up to date and fashionable. 

We have been looking at what is going to be BIG NEWS in the world of hair for 2022 and here’s our top 6 trend predictions that we know you will love.

1: Winter blondes: This time of year, as we head into the depths of winter, blondes tend to become much crisper and cooler, it must be something to do with seeing crisp white snow on the ground that makes us want to be white blonde. But this season as 2022 begins there will be a shift toward more pastel tone blondes, think baby blue and delicate pink. These shades are going to be the must haves for the new year and can be a full head or slices and highlights that add a splash of softness to a full head colour.

2: Peek A Boo colours: This trend links in very much with another (No.3) and is all about hidden colours that are exposed when the hair moves. The colour opportunities are endless, from deep chocolate tones hidden underneath naturalised shades, vibrant reds and copper flashing through cool ash blondes and browns, to bold pop colours in blondes, brunettes, and every other colour you can imagine. It’s all about adding something interesting and hidden in your hair.

(the image above shows how peek a boo colours can be hidden or exposed to create very different looks)

3: The bob: Always in fashion, but in 2022 it’s set for a major comeback with sharp lines being key. Think traditional, one length, with or without a fringe (No.4) and you will get the idea. A bob is a classic stylish haircut, but trends recently have been for graduation, layers and textures; not next year, it’s all about super slick and super smooth hair with volume and bounce. And peek a boo colour or bold statements added to a classic bob are always fabulous


4: The fringe: Yes, fringes are big big news, from the micro fringe to curtains (the on-trend name for a Claudia Winkleman type fringe) they are going to be everywhere. Everyone suits fringes, it’s just finding the right one for your face shape and your hair style, but we are super excited about this upcoming trend.

5: The lob: Otherwise known as the long bob, is also a big fashion statement for 2022 with slightly elongated frontal areas that can be curled under or outward for a casual look. Ideally the lob should sit just on the shoulder line which creates a softer result than the classic bob that sits just below the ear or above the shoulder.

6: Long smooth hair: We have seen the rise of waves and curls over the last few seasons, but this coming year sees the return of smoother styled long hair. Not poker straight, more like a casual, natural smoothness that still has body and movement. Colour can be anything you want, but gloss and sheen are key here as longer hair must look impeccable at all times. This trend is almost boho in its feel, but that doesn’t mean it’s not looked after and very well groomed.

Everyone at Rhona McCallum is looking forward to sharing these trends with you all, and creating your very own bespoke version of one, or more of them, just for you!

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