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Rhona McCallum Hair

Rhona Recommends: Your hair care at home

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will now be familiar with ‘Rhona Recommends’ … emails where Rhona shares her knowledge about all things hair. The latest email is dedicated to you looking after your hair at home. Here is the information Rhona shared:

The experience of your Rhona McCallum Hair appointment shouldn’t end when you leave the salon after you have had your cut, colour, curls, extensions, hair up or blow-dry. For us it is very important that when you come to style your locks at home you know exactly what to do to achieve a salon finish, it’s a part of the service we provide that means your hair care regime at home is as close to what happens when you are in the salon as possible.

Of course you don’t have one of highly skilled team tucked away in a cupboard, patiently waiting for you to call on them to style you hair every day, now wouldn’t that be a fabulous luxury!! 
But what you do have, is the best advice we can give on how to create your style yourself, from the brushes and combs you should use, the heated appliances and how to get the best results from them, and of course, and probably the most important element is the products you use to achieve a fabulous, finished result


We are passionate about the professional products we use in our salon, and we trust the performance 100%, not only when we choose to use the specific shampoo, conditioner or treatment, styling and heat protection and finishing products whilst you are sat in the chair, but also when you manage your hair at home.

All of the team are experts in recommending the very best home care regime for you, we do this because we know that when you go to a chemist or supermarket you are bombarded with product choices, when you watch tv you are presented with different mass market brands in the adverts, you see celebrities endorsing products on tv, in magazines and on social media (personally we don’t buy into the idea that celebs actually use these brands, we know they get paid lots of money to look like they do). So we recommend salon exclusive brands because we know they perform exceptionally well, and with our knowledge about all the products we stock, we are absolutely certain that what we recommend will be the very best for you, your hair and your scalp; and when you use the very best products for your hair type, you get the very best results at home.

If you would like more info about any of our products that are available for home use, click the links below, or speak with your stylist, we will be happy to help you get the very best home care regime.

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