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Rhona McCallum Hair

Is it just hair ??

Hair, here at Rhona McCallum hair, it’s fair to say we are obsessed with it, but did you know that the structure of your hair is an incredibly complex combination of proteins and oils and melanin. The main ingredient is called keratin, this is also found in your skin, teeth, and finger and toenails. Interestingly, keratin also is also found in animal fur and hooves.

You know that feeling when you are cold or scared, that’s the muscles at the base of your hair contracting, the muscle pulls your hair upwards, this is to trap air in your skin to help you warm up, even though it doesn’t really feel like that’s what is happening. Goosebumps are so called because skin looks like the skin of a goose when the hairs stand on end.

At any given time, at least 90% of your hair is actively growing and 10% is resting (dormant). This process of growth is a constant throughout our lives. Every single hair on your head, and on average there are between 100,000 and 150.000 has a lifespan of approximately 5 years, after that period it will shed and be replaced by new growth. Some people are fortunate enough to have a much longer lifespan, this can be seen in anyone who has exceptionally long hair.

On a daily basis you will lose about 100 – 150 hairs, this is natural shedding and nothing to worry about. However, if you notice more that normal you should speak to your Rhona McCallum Hair Stylist who can offer advice and products for normalising your hairs growth patterns. We stock a wide range of professional products that can help with strengthening your hair and looking after your scalp. Click here: HAIRCARE

Human hair grows very fast, in fact it’s the 2nd fastest growing tissue in the body; bone marrow holds the top spot for speedy growth


If you have ever tried stretching your hair, you will notice that it has the ability to expand and contract back to its true length, here in the salon we sometimes do this to check the health of your hair prior to colouring or perming. On average, you should be able to stretch your hair by up to 30% without causing any damage to the structure, however we recommend you leave this test of elasticity to us.

Hair is made up of three very distinct layers, the cuticle is the outside structure that protects all the moisture and proteins inside and helps keep colour stable. The cuticle should feel smooth to the touch, if it doesn’t, speak to us, we can help! The cortex is the bulk of the hairs structure and the medulla is a combination of unused cells that are believed to serve no purpose anymore.

The cuticle can be damaged by too much heat and chemicals, but products available in salon mean we are able to do what we do without risking causing any damage, likewise you can do the same at home.

The cortex is the main bulk of your hair, and this is where your natural colour and most colours we apply are found. The hair’s natural strength and softness are contained in this part of the hair, and we use products that enhance the overall condition of this structure.

The medulla is like a hollow tube in the middle of the hair, it’s not always present and fine hair tends to not have any. Hairdressers do not do anything with the medulla and it serves no purpose anymore. Once upon a time it was believed that the medulla acted like an insulator (for stone age people) and interestingly enough, sheep’s wool has a very large medulla, that’s why they can cope being outside in freezing cold weather!

And finally, believe it or not, a single strand of hair is stronger than a copper wire of the same diameter, and there was you thinking it was ‘just hair’.

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