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Rhona McCallum Hair

Earth Day

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair, we are aware of the need for sustainability and the responsibility we have to do everything we can to help the planet.

April 22nd is Earth Day so we thought it would be worthwhile sharing with you some of the actions we take each and every day to do our bit, because every little action adds up to a big change for the planet.

Click here for the official Earth Day website: EARTH DAY

We all have to act now to help reduce each aspect of daily living that damages our precious planet, from recycling packaging to reducing our carbon footprint, and here at Rhona McCallum Hair we have committed to doing as much as we can.

We know you are aware that we use ‘Eco towels’ which are made from pure wood fibres, they are biodegradable and will break down to nothing after 12 weeks. As well as being a brand-new towel for you each and every visit, they are hygienic, soft, and super absorbent, they are also convenient and recyclable. In the salon, they are used once, we then wash them and upcycle them into cleaning cloths.

Davines, one of our most popular brands has an incredible approach to sustainability and is recognised as a leader in haircare with a conscience.


The official Davines website is packed full of really useful information, they say:

“Does changing the world seem like an overwhelming idea to you? In our opinion, everyone can achieve this by changing old habits and acquiring new everyday habits. We’re proposing 12 green and sustainable resolutions: one idea per month, with good social and environmental actions, to be applied throughout 2022 in order to make this year better not only for you but for the planet”. 

Click here for a 12-month plan that can be implemented easily and at any given time of the year. EARTH PLAN

In the salon, we have our Davines refill station, simply bring back your old clean Davines bottle and we will refill with your shampoo or conditioner. We also carry Davines Shampoo bars, perfect for those of you who are looking to reduce your usage of plastic containers.

DISCOVER DAVINES: Click here: Sustainable Haircare

We recycle everything that we are able to, plastics and cardboards etc, and as part of our sustainability programme we look at new ways to reduce wastage and unnecessary water usage.

All of the team at Rhona McCallum Hair are 100% committed to doing as much as we can to protect our planet for ourselves and for future generations; as the saying goes, ‘there is no Planet B’.

#EarthDay #ProtectOurPlanet #EveryLittleHelps

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