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Rhona McCallum Hair

Rhona Recommends: System Professional

If you are a Rhona McCallum Hair client, you will know that System Professional is one of our most popular product ranges. We have used, and trusted this brand for almost 30 years and continue to be amazed at the developments and new innovations that get added to the portfolio of in-salon and at-home collections.

System Professional was developed in 1974, a group of hair-obsessed Wella scientists dedicated themselves to revolutionising hair care, and they made an amazing discovery, hair contains a unique blend of lipids that determine what your hair will be like, condition, strength, elasticity etc.

For us here in the salon, we know that System Professional delivers outstanding results, and the ingredients work on the inner and outer structure of your hair. When you know your hair needs some TLC, System Professional is the go to range for us, because we are 100% confident that the results achieved will be fabulous.

Diagnostic and prescriptive, the products are recommended following an analysis of your hair and scalp, we look at what in-salon treatment would suit your requirements best, and then your bespoke home care regime is built around what you do with your hair at home.

When we apply an in-salon treatment, the experience is made extra special by a beautiful massage that helps the product penetrate your hair and also relax and revitalise your scalp. After colour and after perm treatments are applied to help return the structure of your hair back to its normal state. In-salon treatments are also great for when you just need that ‘super booster’ of nourishment for your hair and scalp, or when you just want to pamper yourself.

At home, System Professional gives your hair the very best moisturising and nourishing ingredients each and every time you shampoo and condition. With a wide range of treatments that give you added benefits for those pamper sessions at home.

Additionally, the sun care range is ideal for holidays and sunnier days here at home, with added ingredients to protect your hair, your colour and curls against the harmful effects of the sun. The sun has the ability to draw out the natural moisture from your hair and, as you have probably witnessed, fade out your hair colour, be it natural or not. That’s why the sun care range has protective ingredients to keep everything securely locked in your hair.

We have recently had some training from our local System Professional expert Craig, who travelled over from Edinburgh to update us on new massage techniques and the imminent launch of a brand new product that we are very excited about.

Lipid Booster is a deep hair regenerator and creates new bonds within hair.

Hair Care Benefits:

  • Up to 9x more hair protection against daily wear & tear.
  • Creates a protective barrier around the hair to help prevent damage.
  • Instantly improved hair feel.

Formulation Highlights:

  • For damaged to severely damaged hair.
  • Suitable for bleached and/or highlighted hair.
  • Upholds the results from any Lipid Booster+ treatment and enhances hair protection against daily wear & tear with weekly usage of Lipid Booster.

Lipid Booster will be available in the salon very soon and we can’t wait to share this latest addition to System Professional with you all.

If you want to know more about the best products for you, your hair and scalp, speak to your Rhona McCallum Hair stylist, we will be happy to carry out a full consultation with you. Alternatively, you can find all the range on our web-store, click here; SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL

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