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Rhona McCallum Hair

Corinne Hair Accessories

We love hair, we love cutting, colouring, curling, waving, braiding and styling, but we also love being able to add something special to your finished look that elevates it to a different level, that’s why we are stockist of the rather fabulous range of Corinne Accessories.


Corinne fashion led hair accessories are essentials that compliment your hair style and your individual fashion tastes.

Our collection of hair accessories is luxurious and stylish, they add that finishing touch to your look and at the same time create a unique style that is just you at your very best.

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair, we know that accessories complete your overall look when you are getting ready for the day ahead, for a night out on the town, for parties, and for when you just want to look super stylish, that’s why we teamed up with Corinne to bring you high end, affordable hair accessories that add that touch of casual glamour, or ultra sophistication to your hair.

Corinne accessories are different to what you find on the high street, and are a million miles away from scrunchies and banana clips, not that there is anything wrong with throwing your hair up with a scrunchie when the mood takes you, but with Corinne, you can casually put your hair up and it looks effortlessly chic.

Made of the highest quality materials, Corinne accessories look and feel fabulous, and will transform your hair from ordinary to extraordinary!

Black leather large bows £39, Small leather bows £26, 3 pearl bands £22, Cream long letter band £42


Purchase any Corrine leather accessory in salon and receive 20% discount.

On-line, check out our Corinne sale items and take a further 10% off when you checkout, use code RHONAVIP click here CORINNE

NOTE: our salon and web-shop have different accessories available, make sure you check out both.

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