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Rhona McCallum Hair

Summer Fashions

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We have already shared some of the hottest trends for hair colour that will be happening this summer, but as an added bonus we decided, perhaps you would like to know where fashion is going to be heading for summer.

As is always the case with the world of fashion, what we read about is extreme, but what we buy when we visit our fave clothes store or shop online (who doesn’t love Asos) is a much more diluted, friendly version of the catwalk extremes.

For copyright reasons we are unable to share images of the models we saw online, but at the end of this blog there are links to lots of great articles.

This one really is for those of us who are brave and have few inhibitions, the low-slung waist, showing off your midriff is a big fashion moment this coming season. We think this one might not suit the majority of summer days here in Scotland, but you never know, so it might be time to get to the gym and do a few planks and crunches!!

The fabric choice this season, we are absolutely in love with, liquid metals that shimmer and shine in a grown up and expensive looking way. Gold, silver, rose gold, copper, bronze, if it has that iridescent quality, then it’s going to be a major must have fashion item for those balmy summer nights when you are in a party frame of mind.

Sheer fabrics (see through) are also going to be having their moment of glory. Not for the faint hearted (like the low-slung waist), but definitely an improvement on the lounge wear we have all lived in for far too long. Best idea is to layer up, wear solid colours underneath and let the diaphanous fabrics float over the top of your chosen, modesty protecting clothes.

We love this tunic dress, diaphanous with a solid underdress built in. (click the image to be taken to the online store where it is available).

Pleats are ubiquitous, they are a staple of every wardrobe, and this season they are midi in length, but other skirts are getting shorter again, much shorter than they have been for a while, but whilst they might be short, they are utterly huge on pattern, bold colours, and texture, think big pattern, small skirt, and you will be bang on trend! Of course, here in Scotland we have the upper hand as pleats are part of the very fabric of our society (excuse the pun).

Pleats are also big news for blouses, we love this multi coloured V neck with a 70’s vibe. (click the image to be taken to the online store where it is available).

Fairweather knit is going to be thing! What is fairweather knit? It’s a form of grown up, large scale knit that is suitable for warmer days, not heavy-duty winter woollies, although here in Scotland we always keep at least one big jumper in the wardrobe just in case!!

Check out this beautiful knitted, slouch cardigan, (click the image to be taken to the online store where it is available).

Pastel colours are going to be everywhere, think candy floss, summer rose shades, fuchsia, bright but delicate at the same time. Pink is, as always, a major colour factor, yellow is very on trend, as are any shades that have delicate hues, mix them up and create your own pastel fashion statement.

This multi stripe top is perfect for those balmy summer nights sat in the garden having a glass of something fizzy, (click the image to be taken to the online store where it is available).

And last, but by no means least, for anyone who loves a bag, and let’s be absolutely honest, we all do, bags are getting bigger, much bigger than previous years, big enough to carry everything you need at any given time…. Go on, treat yourself to the biggest tote you can find, you will thank us for it later.

Unfortunately the Rhona McCallum Hair tote isn’t available, but if you are looking for a big, stylish bag, click the image below:

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