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Rhona McCallum Hair

System Professional Solar Sun Care

To add to our collection of products specifically dedicated to looking after your hair and scalp in the sun, we have added two new System Professional products to our collection.

System Professional is well known for it’s fabulous conditioning, nourishing and strengthening properties, and Solar is no different to the other SP collections we have in the salon, except that these two products have been specifically formulated for looking after your hair and skin in the summertime.

Hair & Body Shampoo:

Daily moisturising cleanser that gently removes waterproof sunscreen, salt, and chlorine residue from both the hair and skin.

Hair Care Benefits:
• Leaves hair feeling light, hydrated and shiny 
• Leaves skin feeling fresh 
• Improves combability for tangly hair

Formulation Highlights:
• Ideal for hair exposed to an active outdoor lifestyle and/or water that contains salt or chlorine, Prepares the hair for conditioning
• Ideal for summer or when hair is prone to sun damage

Hydro Repair Conditioner:

Instant conditioning, detangling and repair for hair that’s been exposed to excessive sun, chlorine, and salt water. 

Hair Care Benefits:
• Detangles while reversing moisture and lipid loss
• Repairs sun damage and intensively replaces moisture and lipids lost through salt and chlorine water
• Imparts silky feel and natural-looking shine
• Improves comb-ability

Formulation Highlights:
• Acts in 30 seconds or more
• UV protection, effective on both hair and body 
• Perfect for long hair
• Ideal for hair exposed to an active outdoor lifestyle and/or water that contains salt or chlorine
• Formulated with niacinamide, known for soothing and anti-inflammatory properties

Rhona McCallum Hair now has a full range of hair and skin protection sun care ranges available.

Check out Davines SU here: Davines Sun Care

Check out Invigo Sun here: Invigo Sun Care

And don’t forget, you can mix and match the products to suit your specific hair and scalp needs.

Summer is here, and we have the perfect products ranges to look after your locks. #SummerAtRhonaMccallumHair #SummerHairCare

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