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Rhona McCallum Hair

Rhona Recommends: Protecting Your Hair

It’s so lovely to feel the sun’s rays on your skin. Most of us know that we have to use products on our face and body that help protect from harmful UV rays. It’s common practice now to make sure our moisturisers, foundations, and body creams have a UV filter that helps protect our skin from the damage that can be caused by too much exposure. Without using anything that helps prevent our skin from drying out and burning we run the risk of causing irreparable problems. And of course, let’s not forget the ageing effect the sun can have on our face; wrinkles, age spots and much more.

But generally, we have our face and skin requirements sorted. Now it’s time to do exactly the same for our hair.


Hair is a delicate fabric, and here at Rhona McCallum Hair we do our very best to ensure that the condition and strength of your hair is at its optimum every time you visit the salon.

We take great care when colouring and perming to maintain your hairs natural moisture and shine.

Wind, sun, chlorine, and sandy beaches, well they have a different plan.

Wind can open up the outer structure of your hair and let the nourishment and key components contained within escape, leaving your hair dry and brittle.

Sun burns through the outer structure and shrinks down colour molecules, natural and artificial, this can be seen and is known as sun-kissed hair, but it’s very rare for sun-kissed hair to look anything other than de-moisturised, lifeless, and dull.

Chlorine attacks hair if left to its own devices, it can strip the hair of all its natural moisture and proteins leaving it feeling synthetic.

Sand, well it’s an abrasive, so once it gets into your hair, if it’s not treated with care then it will roughen up the structure and your glorious locks will very quickly look like straw.

And then of course there is the effect of all the above on your colour. 

Red’s very quickly fade to dirty orange/pinks.

Coppers fade to burnt dirty blondes.

Blondes fade to bright yellows or extreme white fluff.

Thank goodness we have the answer to your prayers. Our sun care ranges from Davines, Wella Professionals and System Professional have all been created to combat the ravages of the sun, the sea, chlorine, and sand.

Click the image below for information on Davines SU

Click the image below for information about Invigo Sun

Click the image below for information about System Professional Solar

Speak to your Rhona McCallum Hair stylist about your perfect summer hair care regime and remember to protect yourself and your family in the sun.

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