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Rhona McCallum Hair

Different colours for different results.

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair we offer a wide range of colour services and techniques. We also offer a varied collection of colour products that all have very specific functions. This allows us to create the perfect colour result for you based on what you are looking for and how long you want the colour to last.

Note: *All colour product effects can differ based on the condition of your hair and its structure. Some colours may fade quicker, others may last longer. When we carry out our colour consultation with you, we are able to determine these factors, and this helps us make an informed decision with you about what colour product is best suited to your hair. We also recommend treatments that can help rebuild and repair your hair, these innovative products can be used to make the colouring process more successful for us and for you when you shampoo and condition at home.

Colour products we use in the salon:

Color Fresh Masks: These fabulous colour conditioning products are brilliant for adding temporary colour to your hair, we can change the tone and darken your hair, or, if your hair is pre-lightened we can create fabulous pastel and pop colours that fade out evenly over the course of approximately 6 – 8 shampoos* Color Fresh Masks are also available for you to use at home.

Shinefinity: the latest innovation from Wella, this zero lift, zero damage, zero commitment colour glaze adds a gorgeous shimmer to your hair without affecting the natural colour. Ideal for colour shy clients, the results are beautiful and fade away within 8 – 10 shampoos.*

True Grey: This revolutionary product is for those of you who have embraced your grey / white hair.  There are 7 grey hair toners which mimic the natural hues of beautiful grey hair; each tone is delicately crafted to create stunning shade enhancements with no lift and no damage to the hair structure*

Color Touch: We call this a demi permanent colour as it lasts longer than semi permanents which tend to wash out of your hair quickly. Color Touch is multi-functional, we can use the colours to mask the first signs of grey, add depth, give a hint of lightening to your natural colour, and change the tone, i.e. make the shade warmer or cooler. Color Touch lasts up to 14 shampoos* and is ideal for refreshing permanent colour that might have faded.

Koleston Perfect: the world’s No.1 professional permanent colour, this is a multi-faceted colour that delivers outstanding, long lasting colour results. Koleston can cover grey 100%, darken, lighten, change tone, neutralise natural warmth, take you from brown to blonde and so much more. With a myriad of shades from jet back to platinum blonde, and different colour families within the range, this really is the [perfect] choice for long lasting colour that does not affect the overall condition of your hair.

Magma: Bold colour lightening product that works on previously coloured hair. Magma has the ability to remove artificial colour and replace it with a different shade at the same time. Perfect for highlights and ombre techniques.

Bleach: Lots of people panic when the word bleach is mentioned, but when you understand the benefits the product brings, it makes sense to use it on hair that requires extra help to achieve results. It’s more or less a given that bleach will be used on most balayage techniques as the placement of the mixture is key to giving the lift required to prepare hair for the results when it is being toned. Bleach now comes packed full of beneficial ingredients that keep the hair nourished and strong throughout the lightening process.

During your consultation with our team we will discuss all the best options available for you and for the colour you are aiming for. We will also ensure that the integrity of your hair is not compromised and discuss the best in salon treatments and your perfect home care regime to maintain your colour in the very best condition possible.

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