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Rhona McCallum Hair

Face shapes and hairstyles

Understanding the shape of your face helps you (and us) to determine the best and most flattering haircuts for you. Use our very simple guide to help you decide what shape your face fits best and what styles are most suited.

1: Square:

Long hair with feathery, shattered layers. 

Short, layered bobs that add volume.

Side partings are flattering on all lengths of haircut.

2: Rectangle: 

Heavy fringes that sit straight across the eyebrows or curve gently at the sides.

Layers, on all lengths, from medium to extra-long.

Curls and waves from shoulder length to longer.

3: Heart: 

Bobs, short, medium, and long length, all flatter heart shaped faces.

Smooth top areas and wavy or curly mid lengths.

Fringes should be heavily textured.

4: Oval:

Blunt haircuts, chin length bobs especially.

Long wavy or curly styles with a hint of a fringe are also perfect for oval faces.

5: Round:

Choppy textured haircuts. 

Long layers on longer length styles.

Short layered or textured crops.

6: Diamond:

Mid length dishevelled beachy hair.

Side partings on all lengths.

Texture and width at the sides suit diamond shaped faces.

7: Triangle:

Short textured crops.

Short at the front, longer at the back, think modern mullets.

Lots of layers for volume and width either at the crown area or through the mid lengths.

8: Oblong:

Shags are perfect with texture through the mid lengths and ends.

Beachy waves.

Sleek and straight styles past chin length.

Of course, there are no steadfast rules when it comes to choosing the hairstyle, cut, colour and style you want, but here at Rhona McCallum Hair we always strive to create the most suitable style for you, your hair and your lifestyle. So, whatever your face shape is, you can be confident that our team will work their magic and give you the hair you want, each and every time you visit the salon

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