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Rhona McCallum Hair

Hot Off The Press

Hot Off the Press: Autumn Hair & Colour Trends.

Autumn always brings about changes and here at Rhona McCallum Hair we can’t wait to see our fabulous clients changing their hairstyles and going for the chop!  We are also looking forward to creating lots of beautiful darker and warmer shades that reflect Autumnal colours.

Our colour house, Wella have created 4 fabulous trends that perfectly suit Autumn. Ask your stylist about these gorgeous tones and how best they might work with your natural colour.

A big trend is going to be ‘Bronzed Wood’ this is a mixture of subtle caramel shades, hues with darker natural base tones running throughout the hair creating a fabulous shine and sense of depth to any haircut. 

Tweed Blonde is another big statement, this colour technique sees multiple shades of warm and darker blondes woven through the hair for a multi-dimensional look, perfect for the autumn. 

The Beige-Blonde trend features warmer, nude, beige, champagne, and sandy tones. These blonde shades are warmer and reflect light more than ash shades, this makes the hair look expensive, very chic, and glossy.


Naturally, copper, and fiery reds play a huge part in the autumn colour spectrum and when placed in hair using full head techniques for a bold statement, and in balayage, ombre or foil highlights to create a beautiful warm glow to the hair, they are perfect for adding textural interest.

Chocolate and brunette tones are big news again, think caramel, milk and dark chocolate and flashes of peek a boo white chocolate for a rich blend of gorgeous tones.


What about hairstyles, and is everyone going to go for the chop?

Well, the big news is the bob, in every possible variation. The classic bob with or without a fringe, the Lob (long bob) that rests on the shoulders, textured and layered bobs and curly or wavy bobs are very much on trend.

Long hair continues its never-ending dominance with smoother styles coming to the forefront.

Of course, as we all know, trends are very much a part of the fashion cycle each season brings, and here at Rhona McCallum Hair we study each trend and then create bespoke versions to suit you. That’s what it’s all about, understanding what is ‘hot off the press’ and then personalising each trend to meet your expectations.

And don’t forget, we always offer advice on how best to maintain your hair at home.

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