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Rhona McCallum Hair

Pre Winter Treatments

Yes, it’s definitely getting closer to feeling like winter! The days are a mix of rain, wind, occasional sunshine, and there is a nip in the air. Central heating has been switched back on because the heat has gone from the autumn sun and the bricks and mortar just aren’t warming through anymore.

We have had a great summer, and autumn (up to now) hasn’t been too bad, but as we notice a significant change in temperature it’s time to start thinking about boosting your hairs moisture and protein levels to maintain tip top condition in the coming months.

Wind and colder weather can cause the hair structure to open up and allow all the goodness inside your hair to evaporate.

Central heating can dry out the moisture levels in your hair leaving it lifeless, dry, and dull.

That’s why we have put together a pre winter treatment menu that will restore your hair to its optimum condition, and if you look after your hair at home with professional products you stand a good chance of keeping your locks in tip top condition throughout winter.

Normal to dry hair: If your hair is in relatively good condition, we recommend that you have a Wella Hydrate Mask treatment to top up the moisture levels and seal the cuticle, locking in as much goodness as possible and helping protect your hair through the colder months.

Dry and damaged hair: Wella Repair Mask is the perfect treatment to help get your hair back to its natural state of condition, packing in as much moisture and protein as possible to help regenerate a healthy head of hydrated, glossy hair.

Body building treatment: If your hair lacks volume, body, and bounce, our body building Wella Volume Mask treatment will plump up each individual hair giving it the appearance and feel of thicker more luxurious hair, and will help maintain a healthier feel to your hair throughout winter.

Coloured hair: Look after and help prevent your colour from fading with Wella Color Saver Mask, this treatment locks your colour into the inner structure of your hair and fights fade caused by the weather and other external influences, central heating, heated appliances etc.

Curls and waves: Our Kerastraight Smoothing treatment is designed to smooth down the outer structure of your hair, that’s the part that creates the unruly looking curls and waves that can happen this time of the year which means you won’t get as much frizz and flyaways that the colder weather can cause.

Extensions: We recommend Davines Liquid Lustre Instant Ultra Shine Softening treatment to lock in the moisture in your natural hair and extensions keeping them in tip top condition and securely in place. Maintaining your extension is always key to the longevity of them and having treatments is a key part of that.

Scalp treatments: we offer a range of treatments and massages that help maintain a healthy scalp free from oil and flakiness. Just like your skin dries out this time of the year, so does your scalp and a gentle massage with a scalp specific treatment works wonders.

You can request any treatment when you are in the salon having your regular appointments, you can also book in for a treatment and blow dry if you feel the need to pamper yourselves, and let’s be honest, don’t we all like to do that every now and again.

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