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Rhona McCallum Hair

What colour technique is best for you and your hair?

The team here at Rhona McCallum Hair are experts in all aspects of colour. From subtle, temporary shades for colour shy clients, coverage of the first signs of grey hair, fashion shades that add vibrant pop colours to your natural colour, and a variety of techniques to enhance your hairstyle and to compliment your natural colour and your skin tone.

There are lots of techniques we can use, and during your initial consultation we will discuss the best options for you and your hair. 

Here are just a few of the most popular methods of applying colour.

Traditional highlights:


Highlights are created by applying colour with foils or wraps to sections of hair from the roots to the ends for a bright lightening effect. The result achieved is a dramatic contrast between the lightened strands and your natural colour. Highlights usually follow a structured pattern and will need to be maintained regularly to avoid a noticeable root regrowth.


A French word that translates as “to sweep” is a technique where highlights are hand-painted or “swept” on the top layer of sections of hair, usually from the mid lengths downwards. Because colour is painted onto the surface of the hair, the finished result is a natural blend that is not as regular as traditional highlights.

Balayage and traditional highlights can be personalised to suit your hairstyle and length, and both create a feeling of depth in the hair.



Softer and subtle technique that creates multi-dimensional colour results similar to the effect children’s hair has when exposed to sun. A beautiful technique, especially in face framing hair styles.


The colours used for lowlights tend to be as dark, or darker than your natural hair colour with different tones, warmer or cooler than your own hair. Perfect for adding depth to lighter hair and for breaking up block colours to add more dimension and texture.


A gradient colour effect that usually involves two contrasting colours blended in the mid lengths of the hair. The word ombre means ‘to shade’ and most ombre effects are darker in the root area gradually shading out to lighter at the lengths and ends. 

For more details, or to discuss the best colours for you, speak with your Rhona McCallum Hair stylist.

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