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Rhona McCallum Hair

Are you nervous about hair colour?

We are delighted to present Shinefinity, the perfect no commitment introduction to colour.

We know some of our fabulous clients have never experienced hair colour, that’s why we want to share with you the new colour range from Wella.


So if you have ever thought about experimenting with colour without serious commitment, Shinefinity is for you. We can create darker shades and (or) add different tones to your natural hair. And if you do have some previous colour in your hair that you are tired of, we can add new and subtle shades to enhance and alter it.

SHINEFINITY gives a long-lasting colour glaze with ZERO lift and ZERO damage, staying true-to-tone even on porous hair, that means it fades away gradually without changing the overall colour tones. With balanced pH technology, SHINEFINITY smoothens the cuticles for healthy-looking shine and a silky hair feel.

There are some amazing benefits to this wonderful new colour range:

  1. Zero Lift & Zero Damage
  2. Not formulated with animal derived ingredients.
  3. No ingredients of concern wherever possible.
  4. All ingredients tested dermatologically for good skin compatibility.
  5. Zero Ammonia – Zero Silicones – Zero Alcohols 

Teaming balanced pH technology with a zero-damage hint of a tint, Shinefinity reveals shine you can feel, giving hair a translucent, almost shimmering character.


Shinefinity enhances your hair’s own light and dark tones with truly beautiful colour results that are believable and natural looking.

If you want to know more about Shinefinity, and all of our other amazing colour products, speak to your Rhona McCallum Hair stylists, we are always more than happy to help you and give advice.

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