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Rhona McCallum Hair

Cut and Colour trends 2023

So, what’s going to be hot news for haircuts and colours this coming year? Well, Glamour magazine has put together a list of the top 4 cuts, and yes, the names are right, Wolf Cut, Butterfly, Octopus and Jellyfish. We have no idea who decides on these odd names but that’s what they are, and if you are a fan of TikTok you can discover lots of images showcasing them.

The Wolf cut; it’s wild and shaggy, very much a blend of the 80’s mullet and 70’s shag, both of these ‘classic’ styles are unstructured and tend toward grungy styling, brought together they create a new feel to messy ‘bedhead’ hair. Here in the salon we have been creating wolf cuts for a while now and they are very popular.

The Octopus; the name kind of gives it away, this is all about choppy, messy layers that are noticeable throughout the mid lengths of the hair in an unstructured way leading to longer lengths that blend seamlessly to creates something akin to a very grown out mullet but with tons of sexy style. This is another popular style we are already creating in the salon.

Some of our fabulous clients showcasing The Octopus

More fabulous clients with short and long Wolf Cuts

The Butterfly; this is a brand new trend, the style tends to be shorter through the sides, usually with a fringe (or bangs) as that now seems to be the word used to describe the fringe area. With layers to add volume throughout the top area and blending into longer layers at the back.

The Jellyfish; this is also a new trend, it’s a new blend of old styles that features short layers in the frontal areas, think short bob, working through to longer lengths at the back that are disconnected, it’s almost like two haircuts on one.

Celebrities wearing the butterfly and jellyfish styles. All images courtesy of Pinterest.

So, what about colour for 2023?

Golden Brown is the biggie, think darker tones with sandy blonde hues that reflect the light giving a deep shine to a dense shade, this one is going to be huge!

Smudged balayage is a major trend for 2023; this is an update on a classic technique that many of you enjoy already. Dusky and sun-kissed blondes are literally smudged through the lengths and ends to create a blurred blend of colours.

It’s all about Reds, Coppers, and warmer shades, especially the deep rich Viva Magenta (Pantone colour of the year). These colour choices can be as subtle or as bold as you want, from peek a boo flashes to full head WOW statement makers, the choice is yours.

Blondes take on new delicate tones, peach, caramel, and honey are all going to be hugely popular as we make our way through winter and into spring.

Pastel and pretty, these shades will flatter any hairstyle and skin tone.

Who doesn’t enjoy Hot chocolate, well this year it’s going to be big fashion statement, think Golden brown darkened down with slices of caramel and honey blonde creating a blend of gorgeousness that will look fabulous in any hair style.

Naturally, here at Rhona McCallum Hair we listen to you about what you want from your hair cut, colour, curls, and styles (we forgot to mention, perms are coming back too) and then we create bespoke results just for you, whether they are trend predictions or not, your hair will always look fabulous.

You can book online on this website, follow the link on the homepage, call us on 01259 217321, follow the links on our social pages, or pop in and see us.

Remember, if you are a new colour client to the salon, we need to carry out a free allergy test.

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