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Rhona McCallum Hair

Embrace The Grey

Whilst it’s fair to say that the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair love colouring hair, from babylights to balayage, root touch ups to vivid pop colours, we recognise that some of our wonderful clients want to ‘embrace the grey’.

Growing colour out is a challenge as you have to go through a process of having two, three or even more different colours in your hair all at the same time, your natural hair colour with its grey strands growing through, and the colour you have had placed in your hair. Having big roots, as we all know is not a great look for anyone, unless of course that’s the intended result you wanted to achieve with colour techniques like balayage and ombre which give a smudged root appearance.

Our talented colour experts are here to help. We can blend a combination of shades through your natural colour to help mask the growing out phase. This does mean you still have colour in the hair you are wanting to eventually have as natural, but doing this technique gives you a more subtle growing out phase.

We can also blend colours more akin to your natural hair through the growing out colour that you have, this has the same effect only the opposite way around. This technique is perfect if you only have a scattering of grey hairs but is not suitable if you have more than 20% of your growing out colour showing as being grey.

And what happens when you achieve that natural shade? Most clients we have helped in the embracing of their grey tend to not like the shade it is. This is usually because grey hair is actually not grey, it is semi-transparent with no colour in it and what you see is a reflection of the coloured hair surrounding it. Likewise, those beautiful heads of lily white hair we see are also not actually white, they are transparent, and they look white because of the density of the hair together, they look like a solid colour.

So when you reach that point where you have fully embraced the grey but don’t really like it, we can help by giving advice on products that can lighten and brighten the look of your natural locks, we can also add different grey tones to enhance the natural look and create a softer colour throughout your hair without having to resort to going back to permanent colour that 100% masks the grey.

Embrace your grey but do it with style and pzazz with help from the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair.

#LoveYourGrey #EmbraceTheGrey #GreyIsCool

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