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Rhona McCallum Hair

Why Moisture and protein are important for your hair.

Have you ever looked at the back of a shampoo or conditioner bottle and read the list ingredients that goes on and on and doesn’t make any sense to you?

We understand that the list can be quite daunting and that some of the ingredients have names so long they can’t be pronounced, let alone understood.

Let’s clarify something for you. All the components found in professional haircare are there for specific reasons, nothing is added if it brings no benefit to your hair and scalp.

There are ingredients that are there to stabilise the product, giving it a longer shelf life, additives to help emulsify the product when applied, agents to help with the rinse factor (removing excess product). Sometimes there may be a thickening agent to help with the consistency.

Most products these days have added natural colourants and fragrances, these are there to make the experience of using them more pleasant for you.

And then there are the key ingredients, these are specifically included to work with the specific hair or scalp type that they are to be used on. For scalp active products these will include ingredients that slow down the production of excess oil and relieve itchiness or reduce sensitivity. Other products will contain ingredients that stimulate the follicles for renewed hair growth.

Hair specific products will have ingredients that protect colour and curls, add volume for fine limp hair, have smoothing ingredients for coarse frizz prone hair and a combination of vitamins, minerals and natural molecular elements healthy hair needs.

For us as hairdressers, the most important factor is making sure we use the correct products for your hair that contain the correct balanced of moisturising ingredients and proteins (all of which are mentioned previously).

Moisture is the key ingredient for adding suppleness, softness and shine to hair, working both inside and on the outer structure. A lack of moisture makes hair dull, lifeless, prone to drying out with a distinct lack of shine.

Protein is the key for strong resilient hair, hair that stand up to the constant demands of blow drying and straightening or waving with heated appliances. Proteins tend to be some of the smallest ingredients found in human hair and can be easily damaged by lots of different factors. Replacing them gives your hair its elasticity, the ability to stretch and mould itself into shape, and they also give the strength needed to hold styles in place. Without proteins hair becomes weak and prone to breakage and loses its ability to hold on to colour or curl successfully.

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair we will always analyse your hair and scalp with you to help determine the very best in-salon treatments and home care products to ensure that your moisture and protein levels, and all the other key ingredients required for healthy hair are looked after.

You can discover our salon professional brands here: HOMECARE and all of the team are more than happy to discuss the best in-salon treatments and regime for you to use at home.

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