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Rhona McCallum Hair

Step back in time (a pictorial memory)

If you read the weekly emails we send out, you will have seen that last week we shared some memories of Rhona McCallum Hair through the years. For those of you who might have missed it, check your spam folder and if it’s not there, here are the images we shared, plus a few extra for you to enjoy.

34 years, that’s how long Rhona McCallum Hair has been in business. The world of hairdressing has changed a lot in that time.

When Rhona first opened her salon in Alloa, perming was more fashionable than colouring. Most people, guys and gals had their hair permed, and unlike today’s fashion for soft waves that we create with perming products, back then it was ultra-curly hair that was the rage. Diffused and scrunched (revolutionary at the time) with masses of volume, especially the fringe area, swept up and across to one side, or poker straight to clash with the curls.

For those client who didn’t have perms, the most popular hairstyles were the wedge and the bob. These classic styles have stood the test of time, although not many people wear their hair wedge shaped anymore which is a shame as it’s a very flattering shape.

Colour wasn’t as advanced as it is today, the shade charts were not as packed with choices as they are now. Foiling techniques were seen as almost space age, very futuristic, and usually anyone wanting highlights had the dreaded highlighting cap squeezed over their head and tiny sections pulled out with a crochet hook…. It’s the truth.

The mid 90’s saw a shift toward softer movement rather than tight curls, and colour started to become more popular with the introduction of more ranges that did different jobs, from temporary colours to a much broader selection of shades to choose from.

And of course, the mid 90’s was when extensions started to become popular. Mostly, back then they were dreadlock type extensions, not like the very natural and realistic hair we use these days.

As the millennium came and went, fashion moved ever quicker and we started seeing more techniques used for colouring, we also saw a definite shift toward longer hair, and that’s when ghd came along and helped us and you create super sleek hair, everyone was wearing poker straight hair with a shine like glass.

And then came balayage and colours that were smudgy and soft.

And all the while, throughout these last 34 years, Rhona and her team have remained at the cutting edge (pun intended) of hairdressing, constantly learning new skills and new techniques to keep ahead of the times and remain relevant to our fabulous clients.

What will be the next big thing to happen in hairstyles? Whatever it is you can be sure that Rhona, Florence, and the team will be ready to share it with you.

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