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Rhona McCallum Hair

Summer Hair

Summer, it’s definitely coming: summer is (at last) on the way. Now that we have ‘sprung forward’ the nights are lighter for longer, the mornings are brighter earlier, and colour is everywhere in the flowers that we see and the buds appearing on the trees.

And of course, the temperature is rising, slowly but surely.

All good news for the coming summer months, but what does the change in season mean for your hair.

The good news is, if you have looked after your locks with regular treatments in salon and at home, your hair will be ready to take on the challenges of hotter weather and all the potential damage sun can do. Using deep nourishing conditioning treatments and bond building products throughout the colder seasons builds up your hairs natural resistance to potential drying out of your hair.

If you haven’t had an intense treatment or bond builder for a while, now is the perfect time to book in and top up your hair’s defences in readiness for all that glorious sunshine heading our way (fingers crossed). NOTE: Our April colour promotion includes an Olaplex treatment, click here: APRIL COLOUR

Summer naturally wants us to go lighter with hair colours, and this season’s blondes are no exception, champagne, sandy, caramel, pale honey, crystal clear platinum are all going to be very popular. Soft coppers and milky chocolate are also going to feature heavily in fashion colouring.

Waves and curls are going to become messier and beachy again, as if you had just climbed out of the Mediterranean Sea and let your hair air dry. That’s where ghd really come into their own. Our team can show you how to achieve beach waves and curls with the best equipment and products for your hair type.

And, if you have read previous blogs about haircuts, you will already have some idea as to what styles are going to be in vogue for summer…. But you need to add to the list, ‘the mob’… it’s a bob but medium length so it sits just past the shoulders, has a few long layers in it for texture, but retains enough length to be casually thrown up into a boho pony when required. All the team here at Rhona McCallum hair think this particular cut is going to be massive with all of our cool clients looking for a change.

Read all about ‘the mob’ here: SUMMER TREND

More hair trends here: SUMMER 2023

Rhona McCallum Hair April Colour Promotion: GET YOUR HAIR READY FOR SUMMER (this promotion includes an Olaplex in-salon treatment) click on the image below

And don’t forget our fabulous ghd special promotion as well, purchase any ghd electrical tool and receive a free ghd brush.

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