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Rhona McCallum Hair

Combatting frizzy and fluffy hair

At one time or another, most of us have suffered from frizzy or fluffy (flyaway) hair.  Usually this occurs when we least want it to, probably when we are off out for the night, or going somewhere special, or perhaps a job interview where you really want to look your best. The main reason for frizz and fluff happening is too much heat, and not enough (correct) product – or too much being used.

We – and by the way, all the team here at Rhona McCallum hair have had this happen to them as well – we do the right thing, we shampoo and condition our hair and then blow dry and style it. Of course we need our hair to look fabulous, so we make sure we put loads of conditioner on to make sure it’s smooth, then we apply some styling product just to the ends so the roots don’t get overloaded, then blast all the water from our hair before stretching it round a brush to form the shape, holding the dryer as close to our hair as possible to make sure it’s completely dry. Then we get our straighteners or curling tools and mould the shape as we want it, holding them on the hair for just that little bit longer than usual, well that’s going to lock the shape in isn’t it.

But of course, everything we have done has been the exact opposite of what should have been done.

So, here’s our top 10 tips for making sure you always get the very best result from styling your hair at home.

1: Shampoo with the correct product for your hair and scalp type. This is one of the most important things to do, using the right shampoo prepares your hair for the blow dry.

2: Gently squeeze out excess water before applying your conditioner/treatment.

3: Apply a small amount of conditioner into the palms of your hands, then gently apply everywhere, massaging into the mid lengths and ends and gently working the product into the root area. If needed, comb through with a wide toothed comb.

4: Rinse thoroughly with warm water, then pat dry with a towel.

5: If there are any tangles/knots, detangle with a leave in conditioner and a wide toothed comb.

6: Apply your styling product in sections making sure you cover all your hair as you work it in.

7: Blow dry on a medium heat and power setting, this gives you more control over the drying process. If your dryer has a cool shot button, once you have achieved the desired result on each section, hold your hair in the brush and blast cool air for a few seconds, this helps lock the shape in.

8: if you are using straighteners or a curling tool, make sure you apply heat protection beforehand, do this in sections so as to not overload the hair. All electrical styling tools form shapes quickly so don’t leave your hair in or on them for too long.

9: Once you have finished styling leave your hair cool and set for a couple of minutes before final brushing out.

10: Apply a serum or a hairspray to help lock in the shape.

The key to achieving a successful result is, use the right products in the right way, take your time and don’t overheat your hair, and stop as soon as the shape has been formed.

Here at Rhona McCallum hair we can help you every step of the way. We use and recommend Kerastraight, an in salon smoothing system that helps you create super smooth styling at home. And our product recommendation of choice would be Davines, this range gives long term fabulous results when you blow dry and style your hair at home.

If you would like more information, our team are always here to help you.

Alternatively, if you are going somewhere special you can always book in for an appointment, click the link on our homepage.

Click this image to be taken to our online Davines store.

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