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Rhona McCallum Hair

Florence talks beachy waves

“If you follow us on our socials or visit the Rhona McCallum Hair website you will see lots of images showcasing beachy waves. This technique is incredibly popular and also very versatile as it can be created on most types of hair that is shoulder length or longer. Ideally the hair needs to be one length, it can have layers in it so long as they are not too short.

There are lots of different styles that can be classed as beachy, from tousled scrunched hair that looks like you have been swimming in the med and let your hair ‘air dry’ to the more popular structured/unstructured look we see these days.

You can create your own version of beachy waves, and the beauty of the style is, every time your hair will look the same, but different, as the waves you create are based on how you use the heated appliances you have available and how you section and create each wave.

When clients ask for beachy waves, they’re usually referring to the look that is soft waves through the middle lengths of the hair with straighter ends that’s created by wrapping hair around a wand or by bending the hair in a random formation with straighteners.

Here in the salon our team are very adept at creating the perfect/imperfect look for your hair type. Beachy waves should never be an exact science, they need to look casual and undone.

At home, there are a few rules we recommend you stick to that will help create long lasting results for your own hair.

Prep your hair with a serum or leave-in conditioner on the ends of the hair and then apply a dry texturizing spray (or a hairspray) throughout. If you have very fine hair, a salt spray is a great product to use as it gives your hair that gritty texture required to hold the waves in shape.

Always use a heat protector before using your wand or straighteners, this will help prevent the heat from damaging your hair and also help lock in the styling products you have used to prep your hair.

If you have curly or naturally wavy hair, it’s best to straighten before you create the beachy waves effect.

If you are able to braid your hair, do it before you go to bed. Create 3 large braid and leave the ends free. When you wake up, simply unravel the braids, leave them for a few minutes and then gently tousle them out to create fabulous heat free waves.

The most important thing is that you don’t aim for symmetry and style, beachy waves are all about that casual boho feel.

Feel free to ask any of the team for advice about styling, the right products to use, and the best equipment for your hair type. We are more than happy to share our ‘beachy waves’ skills with you”.

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