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Rhona McCallum Hair

Wella Colour Inspirations (Part 1)

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair, we have always used Wella colours. The performance of each different Wella brand is something we can trust 100%, from a semi-permanent colour that lasts a few washes to a permanent colour that alters the shade of your natural hair, whatever we use, the results will always be fabulous.

Wella Koleston Perfect is the UK’s No.1 choice by professional salons, it’s a big range of colours that offers everything from jet black to the palest platinum blonde and every other shade possible in between. There are over 100 shades in the permanent collection, 50+ in the demi permanent ranges (these colours can last longer than semi permanents depending on how they are used). There are approximately 20 semi-permanent colours to choose from as well.

Naturally we have to understand each range and what it’s best used for, and we also need to have knowledge of what mixing different shades can achieve. Wella Professionals offer some great ideas for creating new and exciting colours.

Here’s just a few for you to look at and think about before you next visit the salon:

#DarkOliveHair: this shade is on the depth of a 3 which is dark brown with tones of mahogany and violet creating a rich and deep, almost black shade. Perfect for naturally dark hair to add depth and shine.

#IcedViolet: the opposite end of the spectrum, on the depth of a 10, lightest blonde with tones of cendre (a very pale beige), violet and pearl creating an iridescent ultra-pale pink hue, gorgeous as an all over tone on pre-lightened hair or as flashes of peek-a-boo colour in lighter hair.

#OrangeCopper: The name gives it away; this ultra-rich blend of copper and red tones creates an almost ‘blood orange’ feel. Not for the faint hearted, this bright colour can be used on naturally medium blondes, natural redheads and added to darker colour as slices (slices of orange if you will).

#MushroonBrownHair: We predict this will be a very popular colour, the depth of tone created by using brunette, ash, pearl and cendre give a multi-dimensional feel to the colour, it’s neither dark nor light, warm or cool, it’s multi-faceted and as such works well as an all over colour or as slices, highlights or an under colour in a balayage technique.

Keep checking in for more colour ideas, you never know, there may be one that you see that has always been your dream colour, and if it is, we are ready to create it for you.

#YourColourOurSkills #YourColourYourWay

PS: Don’t worry about the numbers in the images, they are purely there as a guideline for us.

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