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Rhona McCallum Hair

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Have you ever bought yourself a piece of clothing without trying it on, and when you do, it doesn’t seem to suit you? Perhaps you have applied a new foundation or lipstick and it doesn’t look right.

There’s a reason for it, and it’s all to do with what season your skin tone fits into. Each and every one of us is either Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter in the tone and complexion of our skin and the colour of our eyes. The rule of thumb is you should wear clothes, make-up and hair colours that compliment your natural skin colouring otherwise you can end up looking grey and washed out.


Basically, the season you are is determined by the undertone of skin, hair, and eyes (golden or ashy) and how light or deep your overall colouring, and especially your hair is.

Is it ringing a bell with you? We have all at one time or another witnessed that clash of colours across our face, hair and clothing that just don’t sit right.

So how can you tell what ‘season’ you are?

Here’s a very simple guide for you. The good news, as far as your hair is concerned is that the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair fully understand the nuances of colours and what work together, that way you always get the perfect shades and tones to compliment your skin tone and your natural hair colour.

Spring: Spring characteristics are, warm undertones and lighter hair and eyes. You can still have dark features (skin, hair, or eyes), but there isn’t a lot of contrast between them, and it looks more like a blend instead of dramatic contrasts. 

Summer: Summer colourations have cool undertones with lighter hair and eye colour.  While you will have some contrast between skin tone, hair, and eyes, it can be quite subtle.

Autumn: Autumn has warm undertones, darker hair, and dark eyes.  You will not have high or even moderate contrast between skin, eyes, and hair, it will be a soft blend between all features.  

Winter: Winter skin, hair and eyes have cool undertones, and there is a noticeable contrast between them creating a stark cool image. 

Colours that suit:

Spring: Golden, flaxen, and honey blondes, golden browns, and copper work well, as do warmer light reddish tones like golden red or strawberry blonde. Warm light to medium brown shades with warmer tones also suit. Don’t opt for colours that are too dark against your skin tone.

Summer: Silver and platinum blonde highlights work well in your natural hair colour. Flashes of darker shades (up to two levels) darker can enhance your natural tones as well. Ash blonde, and ash brown work well as all over colours. If you like Red, choose cool shades with a blue undertone. avoid mahogany, copper, or golden blonde colours.

Autumn: Enhance your natural colour and skin shade with warm reds and coppers. All warm brown/chocolate tones with hints of gold, copper or chestnut are flattering. If Blonde is your thing, choose a warmer, sandy or champagne tone that works well with your natural warmth in both your hair and skin.

Winter: if you want to enhance your natural hair shade opt for darker tones that intensify the shine factor, colours like blue black, mahogany, and burgundy. Steer clear of traditional highlights as they can tend to look warm which clashes against your natural cool tones. If you really want to be blonde invest in treatments to look after your hair and aim for ultra-cool high lift Nordic blondes.

Of course, we don’t all fit so easily into each category, and sometimes we prefer colours that suit a different season than the one we find ourselves in. Never fear, we can help you find the perfect colour result whatever the mix of seasons it comes from. With a wide range of colours to choose from, the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair design exclusive and bespoke shades and tones that work in harmony with your skin tone, eyes and complexion, or clash with them, because sometimes that’s what looks best. Whatever colours appeal to you, we can blend the seasonal tones to suit.

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