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Rhona McCallum Hair

Looking after your hair colour in summer

Your hair colour is susceptible to fading at all times, that’s why, here at Rhona McCallum Hair we recommend professional products from Davines and Eleven Australia to protect and maintain the longevity of your new hair at home. It’s also why we have special in-salon treatments that can help lock in the shades and tones for longer.

But summertime, especially brings lots of additional challenges with it, so here’s why you need to take extra special care when the sun is shining.

BLONDES: When we lighten your hair, we expose some natural pigments that are present, (we all have natural pigments in our hair, red, yellow, brown, and black). Our aim is to neutralise these [pigments] to create a clean blonde for you. One of the pigments we need to neutralise is yellow. The sun likes to re-expose this in your hair, so as the sun attacks the colour, we have created for you, it can become more yellowish.

REDS: When you choose Red as your colour, the sun likes to enhance the natural copper you have in your hair (orange, a blend of red and yellow) this can make your shade look burnt and brassy.

COPPERS: Once again, the yellow tone can be re-exposed making your dazzling copper look wishy washy.

CHOCOLATE / BRUNETTES / BROWNS: The intense shine these shades create can be ruined by too much exposure to the sun, this is because the natural red, copper, and yellow pigments are all exposed making your hair look like a dirty muddy colour.

When you have invested in a salon colour it’s always worthwhile discussing your options to help maintain it in the best possible way. Our team are more than happy to recommend the best in-salon treatment to lock the colour in, and the perfect homecare regime to keep your glorious locks looking as fabulous as they did when you left the salon.

#SummerHairColour #FightThefade

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