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Rhona McCallum Hair

Barbie Mania: It’s A Thing.

She is everywhere, Barbie is having a real moment right now. The movie is getting rave reviews as it battles Oppenheimer for top slot in the UK cinema charts.

The very first Barbie was introduced to the world in March 1959 and since then she has had more fashion moments than all of the world’s supermodels put together.

Over the 64 years she has been around, there have been famous friends pop up, Princess Di, Elton John, Elvis and Priscilla, Cher, Diana Ross, JK Rowling and Beyonce to name just a few. Click this link to see them and lots more: CELEBRITY BARBIE’S

Of course, her hair has always been of fascination to young girls, and many a hairdresser had their first experience of cutting, not very successfully, with their own Barbie.

Primarily known for her flowing blonde locks, Barbie has also embraced lots of different colours over the years, pink being one of the most obvious choices as she lives in a pink infused world.

So paying homage to Barbie and her experimentation. with hair colour, here are some fabulous pink styles created by the team at Rhona McCallum Hair:

Our team are ready help you get your #BarbieVibe this summer, and we have colours ranging from platinum blonde to pop pink to help you achieve the look you want.

We are sure most of you are reminiscing about your childhood with all this Barbie mania at the moment and we hope your memories are as happy as ours.

And of course….

#BarbieDays #BarbieMania #BarbieMemories

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