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Rhona McCallum Hair


The word Balayage is taken from the French word for sweeping, and it describes the freehand technique used to create a soft flow of colours.

Colour is applied to the hair [freehand], no foils are used, and this creates a soft, natural, sun-kissed effect where the colours seamlessly blend into one another.


Here at Rhona McCallum Hair we create bespoke balayage effects for you and your hair, and we base the choices we make on what you are looking for but also what best suits your natural hair colour and your skin tone.

Balayage can be used as a technique in lots of different ways:

Full Head: This means we apply colour to all of the lengths of your hair, leaving the roots and mid lengths natural giving a definite variation along the overall length.

Partial Head: Where only the top area and face framing pieces are coloured giving a more naturalised sun-kissed effect.

Reverse Balayage: This is where we would place lowlights through the root area to enhance the contrast between darker roots and lightened mid lengths and ends.

T-bar Balayage: With this technique we introduce colour closer to the root are along your parting and around your hairline to give a more defined lightened effect to the frontal areas, and then blend this with a traditional balayage technique everywhere else.

Balayage is suitable for all types of hair, natural and previously coloured, however, our experience tells us that longer hair works best. There are very specific techniques we can recommend for shorter hairstyles.

Maintaining your colour with correct products keeps the tones looking fresh and clean. We can also temporarily change or enhance the shades with colours that last just a few shampoos, great if you are heading out to a special event and what to create a different look to your hair.

Your stylist can discuss all the options available to you and together we will create your perfect, bespoke colour.

PS: Balayage works great with extensions as well.

You can book your next appointment by scanning the QR code in the image below, or by clicking this link – SALON APPOINTMENT – or by calling 01259 217321

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