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Rhona McCallum Hair

The hottest cut and colour trends for 2024

Let’s talk about balayage in 2024: it’s going to become more subtle, creating depth and dimension with blondes and brunettes. Low maintenance is the name of the game. Warmer tones will be the most popular shades throughout the first few months of the year.

BIG NEWS: medium-length hairstyles are going to be very popular this year. Mullets and blunt bobs will continue to be popular but with a twist, the hair length is past shoulders creating a different feel to the looks.  Of course, shorter blunt bobs will also remain hot styles!

LESS EFFORT, MORE STYLE, Cuts that require minimal styling are, according to fashion experts, the biggest upcoming trend. Personalised haircuts that are ultra-chic that can be air dried are going to be seen everywhere. Think beachy waves with a softer feel.

HEALTHY HAIR: 2024 is all about hair and scalp health. Moisture, hydration, and nourishment to help keep your hair and scalp in tip top condition. As the trend for general health increases so it becomes natural to take more care of our locks and the scalp in general.

Ask your stylist for details of the best hair and scalp homecare regime for your specific needs.

LONG HAIR: Thanks to bond building products for use in-salon and at home, there will be a shift toward longer hair, this is because the rebuilding bonds help hair stay strong and healthy, allowing us to grow hair to longer lengths. The beauty of growing hair means a variety of different layers can be created to add extra body, volume, and texture.

Speak to your stylist about our bond building treatments, available in salon.

ULTRA LUXURY: Expensive looking styles are on their way, think structure and volume, but not over the top! High gloss colours and super sharp styling will be the must have trends leading into Spring and Summer, and as previously stated classic bobs will continue to be popular.

Watch out for ASYMMETRIC: We love this upcoming trend, side partings return with an emphasis on asymmetric bobs, deep side partings with lots of texture are going to be the coolest style for fashion followers.

And don’t forget, the boy perm is still big news, this trend is going to be here for a long time.

Of course, as always, here at Rhona Mcallum Hair we listen to you about the style, colour, curls and waves you are looking for and then together we create the perfect hairstyle just for you.

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