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Rhona McCallum Hair

Are perms making a comeback?

Have you noticed, like we have here at Rhona McCallum Hair, curls are on the up and up. Clients are requesting curlier styling tips and even the ever-popular beachy waves are beginning to look a little more defined and curled.

We don’t think perms are ever going to reach the heyday that they enjoyed through the 1980’s when everyone had a perm rather than colour, but we do get more clients requesting perms these days.

The beauty of the perm in 2024 is that it’s much more flexible than it used it be. Once upon a time hair was curled and that was it, now we can create softer movement that can be enhanced and made to look curlier, or smoothed straight, or worn loosely, the possibilities are endless.

If you have fine, limp hair, or hair that lacks volume, or hair that is prone to frizzing that you like to wear wavy or curly, then a perm might be just the thing to give your hair what you need.

Don’t worry, we all know someone who has had a perm disaster, but those stories of burnt hair and too tight curls are a thing of the past, perming products these days are ultra-gentle on the hair and can be used alongside colour as well.

Of course, the boy / man perm has been a big trend for the last few years and shows no sign of going away. Guys and youngsters have embraced the new texture and shape that curls can bring, and with guys going for short crops and curls on top as their ‘go to’ trend, we see no reason why that won’t filter down into the mainstream of hair style fashions.

If you would like to discuss whether or not a perm would be a good investment for you, speak to your stylist, we are more than happy to discuss the options available to you.

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