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Rhona McCallum Hair

What winter has done to your hair

You probably haven’t noticed a change in the structure of your hair if you have been using products that have looked after it throughout winter. If you have cared for your locks whilst the winter chill has been attacking it then you are all ready for the change in seasons, and you have done the right thing by protecting against the cold weather, central heating, wind, rain and snow, because all of these factors can de-moisturise hair and make it feel lifeless, brittle, lacking in volume and hold, plus, your colour can fade and hair loses its shine.

Image by 822640 from Pixabay

All is not lost though, now is the time to pack your hair full of goodness ready for Spring; it’s just around the corner, and hopefully the weather will take a turn for the better and warmer days will be the norm. Investing in a deep nourishing treatment in salon here at Rhona McCallum Hair and topping up the nutrients with regular deep treatments at home will ensure your hair is in tip top condition as the months moved forward.

Image by Мария Ткачук from Pixabay

Why is this so important?

As much as the cold weather, central heating etc can dry hair out, the effect the sun can have on hair is just as bad. The UVA and UVB rays can strip hair of its natural moisture very quickly, taking with it your beautiful salon colour, the shine and the overall condition, leaving you with dull, brittle, washed out hair.

Think of your hair like you do your skin. Regular protective care is the key, that’s why we recommend ELEVEN Australia and Davines for you to use at home, and that’s why our Olaplex treatments are so important. Every time you cleanse your face the routine you go through helps eliminate impurities, restore the skins balance, and then protects it throughout the day. In the evening the routine is different because night-time moisturising products are designed to slowly release the hydrating products back into your skin.

For hair, your shampoo and condition routine does the same job, eliminating impurities and replacing lost moisture. This process happens each time you cleanse your hair and scalp, whether that be daily or 2 – 3 times a week. The styling and finishing products you use are designed to help create the style but also to lock in the goodness from your cleansing and conditioning steps. Intense treatments for your hair are like the night time moisturiser you use for your skin, the only difference being, you don’t have to leave them on overnight, although occasionally that might be a worthwhile exercise.

In-salon hair treatments are like the super booster products you have when visiting a beauty therapist, they are designed to replenish and restore your hair with all the missing proteins and moisturising ingredients to get your hair back to optimum health.

So, get your hair ready for Spring with an in-salon treatment and a comprehensive home care programme – you, and your hair will thank us.

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