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Rhona McCallum Hair

our Top Ten Tips For Maintaining Your Hair At Home

Maintaining your hair at home can be a challenge, so here’s our top ten tips to help you achieve salon styling at home.

1: Wherever possible, use the products your stylists recommend. The quality of the ingredients in shampoos. conditioners, treatments, styling and finishing products is superior to anything you can buy from a chemist or supermarket.

2: The equipment is very important, from the combs and brushes, to the electricals, dryer, irons, tongs etc – all play a part in helping you achieve the best possible results at home.

3: Whenever you are cleansing your hair, always massage the products into your hair and scalp gently, this helps prevent breakage, and tangling of the hair, it also helps stimulate the scalp to keep it healthy.

4: Invest in a super booster treatment that you can use at least once a week to keep your hair in optimum condition.

5: When blow-drying, before you start, gently squeeze out excess water and then apply styling product throughout your hair without applying too much at the root area. Try to keep the temperature of the dryer on a medium heat and avoid using it at full speed.

6: Straighteners, curling tongs and wands generate excessive heat which can damage the hair structure quickly. Always apply a heat protector and try to avoid keeping the hair in or on the equipment for too long.

7: Finishing your hair with a spray, or a finishing product helps lock in the work you have done. Make sure you spray hairspray and shine sprays from a distance of approx 12cm away from your hair to avoid product build up. With glossing products, waxes, creams, and serums etc, always work the products through the palm of your hands first, this helps you to spread them throughout your hair more effectively.

8: If you don’t shampoo every day, try using a gentle dry shampoo in between to help combat flat, oily, or dull looking hair.  Tip your head upside down and spray liberally keeping the can in motion as you do so. Let the product settle in your hair for a few seconds, throw your head back and tousle or brush through for a fresh 2nd day style.

9: If your hair is long and you tie it up to go to bed, wherever possible use a soft material to secure it. Using bobbles can cause friction and lead to splitting along the hair shaft.

10: If you are ever in doubt about anything you are using, pop in and speak to one of the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair, we are always happy to offer advice to help you achieve salon styling at home.

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