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Rhona McCallum Hair

The history of the bob

The bob dates back to 1915, actress Irene Castle had her hair cut prior to an operation and she is regarded as the first modern day wearer of the bob cut. A practical style throughout World War 1, it allowed women to take on military roles, also it was easier to wear as women started being involved in athletics.

Throughout the 20’s and 30’s there were a variety of different versions of the bob that women started experimenting with, but it was not until the 50’s that the classic chin length bob started becoming a fashion mainstay alongside the big trend for pixie cuts.

Vidal Sassoon gave Mary Quant a modern take on the bob in the 70’s and the trend took off and has never really left the world of cool hair styles.

Punk and new Romantic trends saw the shape become more dishevelled and unstructured, and then as we moved into the 90’s and 00’s the classic one length, just above the should bob because the must have shape.

Now, in the 2020’s the bob has had another resurgence, only this time with an emphasis on beachy waves styling.

It’s fair to say, the bob is here to stay and will always be part of the fashionable styles each season. With so many variations to choose from, and with its ultimate flexibility and suitability, we know it’s always going to be a popular style with our clients.

And what about Cleopatra, we hear you say, didn’t she have a bob? The reality is, she was problem bald, a shaved head was a sign of cleanliness, and she would have worn a variety of wigs, mainly braided, but she was known to wear one that resembled a bob, as seen in the epic film adaptation of her life featuring Elizabeth Taylor. 

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