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Rhona McCallum Hair

Holiday booked, bikini packed

It’s that time of the year – holidays are on everyone’s mind. 

A week or two away somewhere sunny where we can relax and lay by the pool or the sea and take in the sun’s rays.

image courtesy Silvi @ Pixabay

The feel-good factor of a holiday cannot be underestimated, it’s just lovely to lounge around doing nothing, or taking a stroll along a waterfront as the sun beats down on your skin, skin that is hopefully protected with sunscreens that contain UVA and UVB protection.

We all know a suntan makes you feel better, and we all know that ‘sun kissed’ hair always adds to the healthy glow. But sunburn and dry damaged hair do not make for a good look, that’s why it is of paramount importance to protect your hair as much you do your skin.

Image courtesy of Gerd Attmann @ Pixabay

If you have read the previous blog post ‘excessive heat and what it does to your hair’ you will already be aware of just what can happen to your locks if they are abused by excessive heat.

You can still go on holiday and get your glorious tan, using the correct suntan lotions allows you to get that golden glow safely.

Likewise, you can still get a sun kissed look to your hair, either by using protective haircare products and exposing your hair to a few short blasts of the sun’s rays, or by visiting the salon and letting us use our colours skills to create a beautiful sunny glow to your existing colour when you get back of holidays. This is, naturally, the best option as it means your hair is not damaged by the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

We strongly recommend that alongside the products you take away on holiday to protect your hair you also book in for a pre-holiday super booster treatment and an after holiday top up, both will ensure that your hair looks fabulous during and after your well deserved fortnight in the sun.

#HolidayHairCare #ProtectYourhair

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