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Rhona McCallum Hair

Summer Blondes: 2024 trends

As always, this time of the year, our attention is drawn to what blondes are going to big news for the summer months. Holidays, summer sunshine, a stroll along the beach, all the things that we look forward to now that the weather is changing for the better.

Last year we talked about Golden, Caramel, Sahara and Rose Gold, trends that we have seen maintained throughout the year, all leading up to this year’s hottest shades.

Milky Blonde: this shade is inspired by Beyonce and her current cowboy themed imagery that goes alongside the latest release Cowboy Carter. A warm blonde with a softness to the tone that suits naturally darker hair and olive skin tones. Perfect as a full head or the ever-popular balayage.

Glam Blonde: This summer sizzler can be warm or cool and has an element of depth to it, flexible, it can be a medium or ultra light shade of blonde which helps create texture and movement in medium to shoulder length hair. We know this colour trend is going to be huge with our ‘beachy waves’ clients. Glam Blonde is also perfect as a toner for blending the first signs of grey.

Honeysuckle: the name lets you know what this shade is all about, it has a hint of yellow to it (don’t be scared, it’s not brassy) … perfect for naturally lighter hair as slices or highlights, and as a full colour as seen on our clients beautiful bobs. The gentle tone adds a hint of depth and shine with a smouldering tinge to it.

Brushed Blonde: A strange name for a colour, however, this shade is inspired by Taylor Swift and the soft acorn tones that are placed through her hair with additional pale toffee tones, working from darker at the roots to lightest at the ends. Perfect for longer, wavy hair that is ‘brushed out and dressed’.

Note: for copyright reasons we are unable to share images of Beyonce and Taylor, however, here are some google links for you to access.

Beyonce Hair

Taylor Swift Hair

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