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Rhona McCallum Hair

The top ten reasons we recommend haircare for you to use at home

1: We understand the ingredients and formulations of the products we carry and know which ones are the most suitable for your hair type.

2: Your hair is an investment, and we believe that the products we have available will help maintain the shape, colour, curls and waves for longer than mass market products.

3: Our team have been trained extensively so that can analyse hair and scalp, making sure that everything we use in the salon is ideal for your hair at home as well.

4: Salon professional products have a higher concentration of the most important ingredients that are beneficial to your hair.

5: Yes, we know salon products are more expensive that mass market brands, but the concentration is much greater, meaning you use to less to get better results, therefore they actually end up being very good value for money.

6: ELEVEN Australia, Davines and Fabriq products are all formulated to help protect your hair whilst looking after the environment as well, something we are really passionate about.

7: Many mass market products contain ingredients that can build up in your hair, this can cause problems with blow drying, creating volume and movement, shine can reduce, and they can also cause colour fade.

8: It’s all part of the Rhona McCallum Hair experience, our team want you to have the best hair possible, and that means whilst you are in the salon and when you look after your hair at home too.

9: Our advice is free; we simply want to share our knowledge about haircare with you. We don’t believe in a hard sell; our aim is simply to make you aware of the best products for your hair.

10: If we didn’t recommend suitable products for you to decide whether or not use at home, we honestly don’t feel like we have delivered a 100% service to you. Recommending product is as important to us as creating the best cuts, colours, curls, beachy waves and styling.

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