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Rhona McCallum Hair

The Skinny Lob

You’re probably asking yourself what on earth is a skinny lob? It’s a good question, and fortunately we have the answer.

We all know just how popular the bob is, it’s stood the test of time more than any other hairstyle and will never go out of fashion. Of course, anything that is a permanent fashion statement has to evolve and the bob is no different, from the Beckham bob, the butterfly bob to the bubble bob, every season we see a new trend.

This summer, prepare yourself for the skinny lob… it’s going to be the chicest hairstyle to wear throughout the sunny days and balmy nights.

The skinny lob is a new variation of the long bob, that is, sitting on or just past the shoulders. Its slightly layered, long layers on the ends that add a texture and sophisticated look to the style.

It’s very versatile, partings can be either side or middle, it can be styled smooth and flat (very on-trend) or with our signature beachy waves which give this shape a new dimension as it lends itself to being flatter, almost like it’s been slept on whilst laying on a sun lounger after frolicking in the Mediterranean Sea.

Easy to style, easy to maintain and is ideal for longer shaped and heart shaped faces. However, it also works just as well with square jawlines and rounded faces, all it takes is a tweak of the layers to give a slight face framed effect.

The skinny lob also suits all hair textures, from fine hair that needs added volume and texture to curls and waves that helps add a sense of depth to the overall look.

Is the skinny lob for you? If it is, book your appointment today, the team here at Rhona McCallum Hair are ready to create your summer style.

In essence ….. Lob = Long Bob and skinny = flatter shape and style

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