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Rhona McCallum Hair

Our favourite summer colours

Now that summer is well and truly here, Rhona asked the team about their current favourite colours that are perfect for the sunny seasons.

*NOTE: Don’t worry about the numbers mentioned here, or the names, they are purely there for our reference when we choose the perfect colours for you and your hair. Plus, even though these are our favourite summer shades, we know that you have yours too, and that’s why we always carry out a full consultation to help us determine the absolute best shades and tones for you.

Gillian is a big fan of Wella Color Touch 66/07 Intense Dark Natural Brunette Blonde, she says “Color Touch is a fabulous product, it adds amazing shine to the hair and as it is a demi permanent it fades away gradually. 66/07 is my current favourite because the depth of the colour and the rich undertones make hair look really healthy”.

Sophie is also a fan of Color Touch, she loves 9/6 Very Light Blonde Cendre Violet and 10/6 Lightest Violet Blonde, and says: “These two shades mixed together create a beautiful soft clean blonde, not too cool, not too warm, perfect for toning or blending grey hair, and for refreshing blondes”.

Kinesha is a fan of Koleston Perfect 9/16 Very Light Blonde Ash and 10/16 Lightest Ash Violet Blonde and she says “These two blonde colours are lovely, the lightness of the shades is very flattering and perfect for summer highlights, balayage or full head colours”.

Florence’s favourite summer shades are Koleston Perfect 8/71 Light Brunette Ash Blonde and 9/97 Very Light Blonde Cendre Brown, she says “these two shades are perfect for summer because they create a soft smokey result and suit balayage and highlights intermixed with natural colours. they are also great for adding texture and depth to shorter hair styles”.

Rhona says her current go to shade is 9/7 Very Light Brunette Blonde from Koleston Perfect, she says “this shade is my current favourite because it sums up summer hair perfectly, it’s not too blonde, it’s not too brunette, it’s a perfect blend and gives a lovely sun kissed look to the hair”.

Here at Rhona McCallum hair we choose to use Wella Professionals Colours because we trust the performance, we know the results will be exactly what you want.

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