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Rhona McCallum Hair

From the archive

Here at Rhona McCallum Hair we pride ourselves on creating fabulous client friendly hair. But every now and again we get the urge to do something over and above the norm, thing like photo shoots where we can create more outlandish hairstyles, and also entering competitions to showcase our skills.

Here are some of our images from the archive.

These images have a very ethereal feel to them, almost angelic in their vibe. The decision to use black and white adds a delicate quality to the photographs. The hair could be bridal, and shows that even short hair can look fabulous for a bride and her bridesmaids.

This collection showcases a very specific moment in time, when hair was big and bold, lots of tendrils created with the help of hairspray and styling products. Hair could be short, medium or long, worn up or down, but these photographs clearly represent the trend for flicks and spikes and tousled, textured hair.

A soft images with lots of movement, this image is all about the skill of the hairdressing matched with the quality of the photographer’s interpretation of the style.

Rhona created this avant garde image which was very representative of the trend at the time it was photographed, extremely short cropped hair with big bold elements that give the hair style a very strong, heavily textured feel.

Florence created this look in 2014 and it’s still as cool now as it was back then. Scalp braids and creative styling are very original and create an image that is powerful and empowering for girls who like to stand out from the crowd.

Florence also created this stunning image, this time for Wella Trend Vision in 2017. The blend of colours and the ‘butterfly fringe’ are very much on trend right now, it just goes to prove that fashion is a continuous circle and what goes around, comes around.

This beautiful coil creation is a testament to the hard work that goes into producing an image for creative purposes. The technique is difficult to master, but to get it looking perfect for the camera takes real skill.

And last but not least from our journey through the archive, this image is all about making a statement, with its strong fringe, piled high textured hair and strong spiky pieces, this really is a photograph that is all about creativity.

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