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Rhona McCallum Hair

The most important reason for having regular hair cuts

Looking after your hair with the correct products is important, the ingredients can help protect your locks, help prevent colour fade, and keep your hair shiny and manageable.

However, your hair still needs to be cut regularly to maintain optimum condition, especially if you are wanting to grow it longer.

The ends ….. yes, it’s one of, if not the most important reason for regular haircuts.

We know that you look after your hair when you style it at home, but the ends of your hair are susceptible to splitting. Why? Because they are the oldest and most dry part of your hair and the part that tends to get the most attention from the hairdryer and straighteners and wands.

If your hair is 12” long… so that would be from your crown to just below your shoulders, the ends of your hair are almost 2 years old. If you have long hair, halfway down your back, the ends of that hair can be 3 – 4 years old. Imagine everything that those fragile ends have gone through over that period of time. How often they have been coloured, how often they have been blasted with heat from the dryer, straighteners, wands. What the weather has done, and let’s not forget the reality of sleeping with your hair loose, all have an impact on your hair, especially the ends.

As the ends dry out, the occurrence of splits becomes ever more real. Those fragile last few cms of your crowning glory start to fray and become demoisturised. That’s the start of big problems as the split will begin to travel up the length of your hair quickly creating a fluffy or frizzy look, and no matter what you do, what products you use, the splits will continue spreading.

And that’s why we recommend regular cuts, even a trim will help keeps the ends of your hair in optimum condition which in turn keeps your hair looking fabulous from roots to tips and gives you a better chance of growing your locks successfully.

Note: We don’t need diamond encrusted scissors to make your hair look fabulous, but if anyone wants to buy each of the team here at Rhona McCallum hair a pair, we most definitely wouldn’t say no!

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