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Rhona McCallum Hair

What’s next on the horizon?

We recently got together with Gillian, Florence and Rhona to discuss what’s coming as we start thinking about Autumn

1: What has been the most popular haircut so far this year?

A: We are definitely seeing more layered cuts this year and especially with all types of face framing fringes

2: And what is the most popular colour clients are asking for?

A: We are already having quite a lot of clients who have been choosing darker and warmer colours, this is going to be a big trend for the rest of the year

3: What trends do you think will be big news following on from Summer into Autumn?

A: We definitely think it’s going to be all about the 90’s look. Get Ready for that!

4: Are curls really having a big comeback moment?

A: Yes, there is a noticeable increase in clients requesting movement, more curls everywhere, natural and permed

5: What trend is most popular with boys and gents?

A: We are seeing a trend towards guys wearing their hair longer on top with curls and embracing more natural texture

6: What is the most important aspect of a clients visit to Rhona McCallum Hair?

⁠A: The whole experience. we listen give advice, make our clients look and feel wonderful, having a great experience and enjoying a lovely environment

7: Are in-salon treatments a ‘must have’ for clients, and if so, why?

A: Yes, an in-salon treatment is important, why? because this helps the team at Rhona McCallum Hair treat problem areas, plus it’s a relaxing service and a must have service, especially for colour clients to help the condition and longevity of the colour

8: What is the biggest selling homecare product at the moment?

A: Our clients love to purchase what we use on their hair. Eleven Australia and Davines shampoos and conditioner are popular and especially leave in conditioners

9: Are clients influenced by celebrity or do they have their own idea of what they want from their hair?

⁠A: We think clients aren’t as influenced by celebrities, it’s more Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest we see them bringing in photos from.

10: If you could introduce one new service into the salon, what do you think your client’s would want it to be?

A: We think that a service/ workshop that helps teach clients how to style hair at home easily. This could be from looking to learn how to plait hair, waving with tongs or how to create a bouncy blow dry

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