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Rhona McCallum Hair

Curl Care

Looking after curls and waves requires some special attention. From the shampoo and conditioner you choose, to the styling and finishing products, all play a part in maintaining your hair in tip top condition.

Hair that has movement and texture, be it natural or permed responds differently to products and the environment.


If you have read previous blogposts where we have discussed the hair, the explanation of the cuticle, which is the outer layer of your hair looking like fish scales or the tiles of a roof is very relevant. These ‘tiles’ are supposed to be closed tightly together and act as protection for all the natural goodness within the hairs internal structure. This includes also, where colour and perm ingredients generally are.

Now think about curls and waves and imagine what happens to those tiles, basically they can become more open which means that the natural moisture and proteins in your hair can escape. Moisture gives your hair its suppleness and shine, proteins give it strength. Losing either or both can make hair feel and look lifeless and dull. Alongside that, the smoother the cuticle the healthier the shine, and with curly or wavy hair, everywhere there is a bend the cuticle can become more frayed, creating a dull appearance.

That’s why we carry a range of products from Davines and ELEVEN Australia designed specifically for curls and waves. The formulations of these products contain ingredients that physically protect the outer structure from opening up, keeping your natural colour, your salon colour, and your natural curls or perm in the best possible condition. Ask your Rhona McCallum Hair stylist for details of the best products for your specific hair type, or Check our our online store here: WEB SHOP

Keeping your curls and waves looking fabulous, health and shiny is our priority, that’s why we are happy to discuss the very best products for your specific needs.

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