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Rhona McCallum Hair

The 5 hottest summer cut and colour trends; you read it here first!

The absolute hottest trend for summer is the jellyfish. This quirky cut has two separate layers: the front area around the face is a classic bob length, and the back, from behind the ears is long and flowing. Think of it as a more sophisticated and stylish mullet. Colours that suit the jellyfish are darker with hints of blue and green for the more daring, or chocolate browns and champagne blondes blended together.

Long hair and long layers are big news! By removing some of the weight from the top area hair has more oomph and volume, giving the hair movement and texture, very Bridget Bardot. For maximum effect of this technique, hair should be well below shoulder length. Long hair always suits classic balayage and this season’s colours are caramels, toffees, and pale chocolate tones.

Americans have taken to the trend of blunt bangs, or as we would say, blunt fringes. Combined with any style, from classic bobs to beachy waves, the sharp fringe adds a new dimension to any style. We predict that the blunt fringe will be massive here in Scotland at Rhona McCallum Hair this summer as it can completely alter the overall look of a haircut. Heavy fringes suit block colours, so whatever the main colour of your hair is, we would suggest trying that with the fringe. Alternatively, pale babylights can add an extra dimension to the look, or as we see on the young guy, a splash of vivid colour makes a real statement.

The classic Blunt bob is back as an on-trend style, this cut is straight, either with or without a fringe and usually sits just below the chin and above the shoulders.. This classic style suits all face shapes and textures of hair and creates a sophisticated and flattering shape. Blunt shapes suit blunt colours, by that we mean solid block shades, however, flashes of lighter tones can add extra depth to the look, and on finer hair darkening the underneath layers slightly can add a sense of thicker looking hair.

If you like your hair to look like the wind is gently blowing through it, then long butterfly layers are for you. The soft layering technique creates a face framing style that moves in an effortless (butterfly) way. Perfect for those of you with long hair that hangs heavy, as the removal of the weight gives an added airiness to the look. Caramel and mocha tones with soft honey blondes can accentuate the movement in butterfly styles.

As is always the case with new and upcoming trends, our team discuss your hair requirements with you and then create the perfect style, cut, colour, curls and waves just for you.

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